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As should be the case for a group of individuals whose passion for the sea had driven their careers, the introductions that led Steve Goione and Hatteras Yachts to a unique and noteworthy partnership began on a boat several years ago on a beautiful Fall day in the Northeast.

David Ritchie, Editor-in-Chief of Marlin Magazine and a long-time friend, called Steve and extended an invitation to join him on a trip to Brielle, NJ, not only to catch up and spend time together, but to play spectator to David’s review of the Hatterascal, the then-new Hatteras 60 Convertible pulling duty as the company’s high-profile demonstrator. It was a fortuitous acceptance by Steve of an invitation to a day-trip that developed into a long-term relationship with Hatteras.

Upon their arrival in Brielle, David introduced Steve to members of the Hatteras Team. The result? A serendipitous meeting over pizza in the Hatterascal’s salon where physical appetites gave way to an afternoon of brainstorming on how Steve’s unique talents could work together with Hatteras to offer something new and exciting to discerning and dedicated boaters.

"That chance meeting was significant for us," Hatteras’ Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bryant Phillips commented later. "Not only did we meet an exceptional individual who has become a close friend to everyone in the Hatteras family, his work has added a dimension to our relationship with our clients that is something truly special in this industry."

What quickly developed was a close and creative working relationship between a talented marine artist from the Northeast and a group of dedicated marine craftsmen from eastern North Carolina. Hatteras now commissions original artwork by Steve commemorating the premiere of new models and special events like owner rendezvous and notable fishing tournaments. In fact, Hatteras has even commissioned Steve’s originals to benefit charitable causes close to the marine industry, such as the Baypoint Billfish Tournament Charities. From these original commissions, limited edition prints are created, which are then personally signed by Steve for owners and "friends of Hatteras."

"I now have people from all over the country calling because they didn’t get to a show or tournament and want me to send them the latest signed posters from our most recent commemoration," Steve said. "They’ve become collectors items, in addition to being the catalyst for the establishment of long-lasting relationships."

The reaction to the limited edition prints laid the foundation for a unique collaboration that commemorates the special occasion of "Hatteras ownership." Currently, when Hatteras delivers a new boat, the Sales Team photographs the finished vessel to capture the unique nuances of tower, arch, transom lettering…all of those touches that individualize a boat with its owner. Steve then creates a one-of-a-kind, original painting of the boat down to the last detail, which is presented to the Hatteras owner as a unique "thank you" and as a commemoration of this special delivery.

"I enjoy – and take great pride in – the fact that ‘our’ Hatteras originals grace the walls of the finest boats and most high-powered offices in the world," Steve said. "It’s a wonderful testimony to our clients and to their successes in life and in boating."

     "Ours is a relationship business," says Bill Naumann, President/CEO of Hatteras.  "The owners who make up the Hatteras family are discriminating individuals who appreciate and value a 'touch of class'.  Steve's association with Hatteras and our owners has enhanced the distinction for which we're noted.  His friendship and the Hatteras inspired art which he
produces have become valued assets for all of us."




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